Supernatural Motherhood.

Last Friday night, we had a couple of guests over from out of town. They were staying downstairs in our guest room which is just outside of our kitchen. I was standing in the kitchen with one friend when a thought came into my mind, “where’s Michaela?” Michaela, my spunky, adventurous 2 year old. This girl is all about being self sufficient, especially when it comes to the daily brushing her teeth and taking her “byetum,” also known as a vitamin. Every morning my sweet girl asks for her “byetum;” not once have I needed to remind her or forced her to take anything – in fact, she begs for more. We keep these in our spice cabinet, far out of reach from little hands along with all my crunchy homeopathic remedies. Our dear friend staying with us also takes a daily pill, which is a prescription medication. Now, before I continue, I want you to know how much we value this friend – she was voluntarily cooking my family dinner and had been nothing but a blessing while she stayed with us. She, however, does not have children and just like anyone without children, their lives don’t require them to be in constant need of checking their surroundings. Okay, back to the story – I questioned where my daughter went and so did my husband. We both went running into the guest room and saw her standing in the middle of the room with an empty bottle and chewing on a substance. Soon as she saw us she dropped the bottle. My heart sank and began to beat rapidly as I looked at my beautiful baby girl. Those pills were in her and all I could think was, “Now what? What do I do? Oh, Lord help me!”

Just a few months before this, my son had an accident and hit his head. This was no minor accident – the Urgent Care doctor said it was the worst swelling he had ever seen. That story will be written in another post, but if I had learned anything from my experience, it is that I am not stuck and I’m most powerful when I am abiding in God’s peace. I am never left alone and God is not distant; He is active at my side and cares more than I do about the wellbeing of my children. I held onto my testimony of my son’s healing, calmed my nerves, reached out my hand and touched my daughter’s head, “In the name of Jesus, I speak to every pill and command you to get out of her.” My husband and I quickly conversed and agreed to go to the ER immediately. He ran upstairs to grab his wallet, my friend held Michaela, and I went running back into the bedroom to check if the pills may have still been in the room. I looked on the floor, ran my fingers through the carpet, checked on the nightstand and looked underneath. I looked everywhere – not one pill found.

In a calm voice, my friend said there were only 7 pills left in her bottle and as a child, she did the same thing. She encouraged us saying everything would be okay, that Michaela would likely be given activated charcoal and she would be in good hands. My family of 4 jumped into the car, baby girl not even wearing pants, and in under 5 minutes I was running through the doors of ER holding her in my arms. I filled out the paperwork faster than I’ve ever written and almost immediately they called us back. As I was walking down the hall holding Michaela on my hip, she looked up at me and in her little voice said, “I’m okay.” The presence of God rushed over my body, up my back, down my shoulders and limbs, and rested on my head. I looked down to her and said, “Yes, you are okay. Jesus is taking care of you right now just as He always does.” She was certain. We walked into our room and Michaela was hooked up to a monitor; we were not even in there 5 minutes before I heard a RN yelling, “The 2 year old! The friend is on the phone and she found all the pills!” In awe and thankfulness I burst into tears and worshipped my King. Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus! I hoped, prayed, and I stood grounded in truth because He is unchanging and always good. When I buckled Michaela into her carseat she again looked up at me and said in her tiny voice, “Jesus takes the byetums from my tummy.” Soon as we arrived home I ran to my friend and asked her where she found the pills. She said they were sitting in a pile in the middle of the room on the floor right where I had been combing through the carpet not even an hour earlier. His miracles never cease and His love never fails. If you are in Christ, heaven lives in you. Never doubt the power of your prayers and ability to create as you declare life over your children. If God is for you, who can be against you?

The Bible says, “The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy” (Revelation 19:10). In other words, what Jesus has done before, He’ll do again. Many of us have heard about Supernatural Childbirth; I myself had one with my son Asher, but what I’m trying to understand today is Supernatural Motherhood. If supernatural childbirth can be accessed, certainly supernatural motherhood can be too! What does it look like to walk out motherhood embracing the supernatural presence of God in our seemingly mundane lives? Can we live victoriously over accidents, sickness, disease, our refrigerator breaking down, and getting stains on the carpet? I want to suggest that it is possible and I believe we have already been given the keys. Join me for the next several posts and lets unpack some of the foundational tools I believe God has given us to live victoriously and flourish in His presence as supernatural mothers. Hope you enjoy the ride!


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